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Welcome to Vertically-Challenged.com the home of the Doubler vertical grow system. Designed for both outdoor and indoor growers effectively doubling your growing space and indoors under HPS/MH also almost double your yield per watt!

The advantages of the Doubler
1. Increases growing area effectively doubling the volume of plant that can be grown. ideal for balconies or grow tents.
2. Drastically increase efficiency up to double the yield can be expected from the same wattage when used with HPS/MH lighting.
3. Truly modular build the doubler to suit a vast variety of grow spaces from micro growing to full size multiple kw grows and any where in between. Including wardrobe growers!
4. Compatible with 1.2m (400-600w lamps) and 1.5m grow tents (600-1kw lamps)
5. Both handwater and recirculation compatible, including organic handwatering in compost.
6. Compatible with virtually any media although we sell a selection of our recommended mediums for hydroponics.
7. Multiple build modes where you imagination is your limitation, build the system to suit your grow space not build your grow space to suit you system.
8. Multiple points to attach netting for plant training and support.
9. Dynamic, adjust the plant to light distance through all stages of the grow your only limit being the size of your grow space.
10. Grows larger plants than most grow systems it's very possible to get great results using 18 plants under 1 600w for full coverage with 14 days vegatitive growth and a 9 week bloom cycle. No 100+ plants here. We recommend 24-36 plants depending on type of plant grown.
11. Incredibly strong, designed to last the doubler will give you many many years of growing pleasure both indoor or outdoor.
12. Excellent value for money, especially for those who wish to handwater.
13. Use mutliple lamps per tent up to 4 400w/600w or 3 1kw
14. Did we mention we think it looks good.

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